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This plugin makes your site content visible only for several users who are in your trusted list. Just add usernames of those who are allowed to read your site, then no other person will be able to view it.

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Этот плагин делает содержимое вашего сайта доступным только для некоторых (доверенных) пользователей. Просто вводите логины пользователей, кому разрешаете читать ваш сайт, и никто кроме них не получит к нему доступ.

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Upd. 2013-03-20:

Версия 1.1: обрабатывает логин нечувствительно к регистру и понимает составные логины (содержащие пробелы).

Version 1.1: Now works case insensitively and can handle composite usernames. Thanks to Rufino Velasco who reminds about usernames like «angel plus».


11 комментария на «Trusted Only»

  1. TRUSTED ONLY — Thank you for a great plugin! I would like to enquire how can I customise the login screen to have my own logo instead of wordpress logo. Is this possible?
    I await your reply.
    kind regards

  2. Hi Anreheth,

    to replace wordpress login logo with your custom logo — add into the file functions.php in your theme,
    (or into the «Trusted Only» php file) the following code:

    function my_login_logo() {
      echo '<style type="text/css"> #login h1 a {background-image: url(;} </style>';
    add_action('login_head', 'my_login_logo');

  3. Hi! Awesome plugin! But I would like to know how can I modify it so he will do the inverse: to show the message ONLY for those who are on that list. Basically, with the rest of the users do nothing, with the users on the list redirect to


  4. Hi Anreheth
    I love your simple and great plugin.
    I have a little problem, few of register users are registered with doble or triple words for example «angel plus».
    Wordpress admit this username, your plugin split this username in two usernames and they can’t enter in the blog.
    Could you help to solve this problem.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Great plug in, does just what I need it to without a lot of fuss! Is there a way to get it to work with the WordPress Android app? When I have this plug in activated I cannot log in to the site via the WordPress Android app even when I use the «trusted» log in. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  6. Hello Andrey!

    I love your plugin but is it possible to use it within multisite and not have it block the users of all the sites, but just one of them? I hope I’m explaining this right. I think I would like for your plugin to work on one site in the multisite install and not on all of them.

  7. Hi Jaa. Yes, you can activate the plugin and set up plugin settings (allowed user list) separately for each site of wordpress multisite or only for one or some of them.

  8. Links from external resources to posts redirect the user to the login screen *even when the user is currently logged in and active on the site*. External links open a new window in the browser, and instead of displaying the post, it takes them to the login screen. Any way to change this behavior?

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