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Плагин Li’l gallery замещает стандартный вывод короткого кода [gallery]. Первая картинка выводится среднего или большого размера, а под ней — ряд миниатюр остальных изображений галереи, при клике на которые большое изображение заменяется.

Потребность в таком плагине впервые у меня появилась для показа фото сайте знакомств, который я делал для одного из клиентов, но ничего подходящего в колекции готовых плагинов не нашёл, так что пришлось делать, это и была версия 0.1. Затем он понадобился для интернет-магазина. Теперь решил дошлифовать.

Big main picture of a gallery and thumbnails of others, and the main image changes when one clicks thumbnails.

Download Li’l Gallery plugin from the WordPress Plugins Archive

== Description ==

Big main picture of a gallery and thumbnails of others, and the main image changes when one clicks thumbnails. Replaces the standard wordpress shortcode output. No flash. Available options: width, heigth, thumbnail height, size, link to image file or not.

== Installation ==

* Upload `` from Plugins/Add New/Upload and activate the plugin.
* Set desirable default options of the plugin at the Li’l Gallery options page.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= How can I change some gallery look? =

Here is a gallery shortcode sample with the full set of parameters:

[gallery id="10" width="500" height="400" link="file" size="medium" thumbnail_height="80" order="ASC" orderby="ID" exclude="11,12,13"]

Parameters description:

* id: integer, the ID of a post the images attached to. Default: current post ID.
* width: width in pixels (px) of the DIV block that contains the gallery, overflow hidden. Empty by default, then the gallery takes 100% of available width.
* height: height in pixels of the DIV block that contains first image of a gallery. Empty by default. If your gallery includes both portrait and landscape images or different width/height rate the page height may change when you click thumbnails, and you can avoid this inconvenience by setting this parameter for the specific gallery instance.
* link: ‘file’ or ‘none’, default ‘file’ — is the main image clickable or not.
* size: ‘medium’, ‘large’ or ‘file’ — the size of a main image, default ‘medium’.
* thumbnail_height: to make thumbnails row looks pretty (it is not real size of your thumbnails), default 60 (pixels).
* order, orderby, exclude — the same as in [standard wordpress gallery](

== Screenshots ==

* A sample how li’l gallery looks.

== Changelog ==

= 0.2 =
* First public version.

13 комментария на «Li’l Gallery»

  1. Hi. I have installed your plug-in, but I am unable to understand where I actually input the pics that I want on my post. Please can you advise?

  2. Hi, Thanks for a great plugin. Is it possible to move the thumbnail images above the main main image, am faily new to this so not sure where to start — any help would be great. Thanks

  3. Great plugin — just what I was looking for — however on the first line of thumbnails they each show up just a bit lower than the one before. By the second row it’s fine. I think there’s a being output that messes up the alignment.

    Kermit Woodall

  4. Thanks! Simple and light weight! Love it and works great on WordPress 3.4.1. Any plans to add a «next» & «previous» navigation? Many people find it more user friendly than thumbnail nav only. Would love a hack if you got one!

  5. Love the plugin. Simple and lightweight. Any plans to add prev and next navigation. Would love a hack if you got one! Thanks again

  6. Two things… possible to show/hide default css? I deleted it from the plugin file as I’d prefer to control styling myself, however I know this will get overwritten in future updates.

    Also, would it be possible to have the images load on a new pageload? I’m looking for a gallery that will help increase pageviews, thus each image in the gallery should load a new page. Would this be an easy customization within this plugin?

  7. Lindsay,
    1. no need to remove plugin CSS, you can add your CSS rules with !important declaration.
    2. No! this plugin assists to decrease traffic, not contrarily. :)

  8. Love this plugin. Is it possoble to set af max height and with with css on the ic in the main div?

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